Option 1: Hourly Rate Service

Our current hourly rate is a highly competitive €90 per hour.

Our costs have been designed with the small business in mind as it gives you access to a dedicated Employment Law professional who can work with you on those occasions when particularly complex and tricky people issues arise, or if you need an extra pair of hands to handle a specific project.
If you are facing a claim and would you prefer to prepare and defend your case yourself, you may still need advice at certain stages of your claim, and so our Hourly Rate Service may be an option for you.

If you choose to pay by the hour, we will provide you with a detailed letter of engagement setting out your instructions and will only charge for the time actually spent dealing with your case. We will not spend any more time on your case than is absolutely necessary and will not incur costs without your permission.

There is no fixed cost to your business as there is no monthly retainer fee; you only pay for the time you use. On average our clients reduce their legal costs by 50% as their reliance on solicitors is significantly reduced.

Advantages of this option are as follows:

  • A dedicated HR professional
  • No monthly retainer
  • Significantly reduces the risk of potential litigation
  • Significantly reduces your legal bills
  • Support when you want it
  • Keeping you focused on running your business.

Option 2: Subscription Service

Have the security of an Employment Law professional available to you for €60 per month for everyday business cover and €90 per month for everyday business cover + costs associated with employee claims.

For a set fixed monthly fee we will look after all your HR and Employment Law issues. We are available on the phone or via email and can be available for on-site issues for a fixed time each month if required.  This is how it works;

You signs up to a minimum 12 month contract and that’s it. Once you sign-up, we’re available to you at the end of a ‘phone, or by email, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From that point on you call us for all your HR and Employment Law needs, from a quick piece of advice e.g. Mary came in late again today what will I do or we need a new employee contracts etc.

Option 3


We have developed a Fixed-Fee Employment Tribunal Representation offering covering the three steps of an Employment Tribunal Claim


Step One – Responding to a Claim or Threat of a Claim

We will review the details of the case, or in the case of a threat of a claim from an employee review all correspondence, then offer comprehensive advice.

We will prepare and submit your response to the WRC or the employee.

We will await the response from the employee, either directly or via the WRC, review and consider this, discuss the contents with you and advise you on how best to proceed with preparing your defence.

Fixed Fee: €350


Step Two – Preparing for an Employment Tribunal Hearing

We will conduct any negotiations on settlement/withdrawal of the claim in advance of a full employment tribunal hearing taking place;

We will interview witnesses and prepare witness statements;

We will prepare documents/evidence and draft a submission for the Tribunal Hearing.

Fixed Fee:  €425


Step Three – The Employment Tribunal Hearing

If your case has not reached a successful settlement you will have to attend a hearing. These

hearings could be listed for one half day or more, depending on the complexity, evidence presented and the number of witnesses to be called. With our fixed fee you will not be charged any more than the agreed Hearing Appearance Fee.

Fixed Fee:  €550 per appearance